SOREL: King Stacked Moc Mid

BRAND: Sorel
PRODUCT: King Stacked Moc Mid
USE: Motorcycle ride to Alaska
RATING: 4 stars
I bought these boots in March the day I took off on a 2100 mile motorcycle road trip to the southern tip of Alaska. I put them through the wringer to say the least…

The thick leather wrap of this boot only gets better with time. It forms to your foot with each day you wear it and and loosens up but never loses it’s strength. The boots are also much warmer than I expected. Riding in the winter time with a pair of ski socks, they were perfect. I would definitely recommend the non insulated pair if you are just buying these in warm weather.

They are very stylie boots and would look cool in any setting from urban streets to massive mountains. I believe style is their main purpose because they don’t hold up all that well to heavy conditions…

The bold leather midsole (brown part) stands out the most on this boot and is the most notable as it is worn down. I did a kickflip on my skateboard with this boot and the leather instantly changed color to a rough white from the grip tape.

The worst part of the boot is the glued on rubber sole. They provide excellent traction but by the end of my trip were very worn-down. The first part to go is a small toenail of rubber weakned by a poorly placed stitch intended to keep the rubber from peeling back. As the rubber continued to dissolve and the small chunk in front broke off the stitch no longer held the rubber down and it began to peel off the midsole.

Overall I loved the boot but don’t expect them to last as long as the classic Sorel Caribou boot. I would definitely buy another pair as I doubt I’ll be riding a motorcycle 2100 miles again this year, so I’m sure they’ll last longer the second go around.

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