SECOND DRAFT : Prospecting Idaho

About The Photographer :

Steve Lloyd is an action sports photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Ut. With a heavy mountain culture influence, Steve specializes in skiing and mountain bike photography. Check out his website:


The Second Draft Series

is a video project that will release a collection of old footage from the past few years that was either used, unseen or discarded by other film companies and projects. Why let a good thing go to waste?! Enjoy my SECOND DRAFT…

An elderly man, held up by the support of an old pine cane, approaches me with a look of confusion as I stand on my trailer pumping gas into my snowmobile. It wasn’t the machine, but rather a pair of skis flagging off like a make-shift spoiler that sparked the mans curiosity.

“What the hell are you kids getting up too?”, he grunts.

“This is our chairlift sir, we are heading up to the Sawtooth Mountains to go skiing!”, I reply.

Intrigued by our intentions, the old mans eyes glaze over as he recollects memories of his past slamming picks deep

in the mines of Idaho’s bed rock. Gas still pumping, he shared a story of quick money and easy women from an era when alcohol was once again legal and the Prohibition was over. Describing wild and drunken nights with a heavy slur of words, his story became incomprehensible.

Eventually the pump nozzle clicks and we part ways. Pulling away, I watch in my rear view mirror as the man shuffles off in the gravel on the side of the road. I’m following directions on my phone for Smiley Creek Lodge, Idaho and  I can’t help but imagine the history of the mountains we were about to explore.

For the next week I would be at Smith Optics 900 acre compound, birthplace of the Prospecting Idaho Web Series. The land is situated on top of an old mine claim, providing countless tailing piles left over from mine shaft debris that were perfect for building jumps. Myself and several friends filmed all day, every day making sure to avoid mine shafts and scrap metal. As with any film project, not all the footage was used so here is my ‘Second Draft’ from Idaho. A lot of fun was had in the making of it and I look forward to another trip into the Sawtooth Mountains.

Nate Cahoon taking over the wheel after crossing the Utah/Idaho border. He got pulled over for speeding 5 minutes later…


Everywhere you look at on the 900 acre plot of land you can see the remains of old mining equipment and structures. It was a lot of fun to explore the old mines, you just had to make sure not to ski into any holes.

Jumping my sled off the mine dump! Check out the old wood frames in the background

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