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Born and raised in the Wasatch Mountains, my home has made me into who I am today.
A skier, artist, explorer and designer.

T H E   B E G I N I N G

They say home is where the heart is. For me, my heart is found at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Alta, Utah. My parents, both farm kids from small town Wisconsin, made the big move out west in 1980 in search of deep powder and the ski bum lifestyle. Living in employee housing and working for a season pass, they quickly became ingrained in the Alta community. Three years after my sister was born, I experienced my first rays of light on July 4th, 1993. Skiing has been instilled in me since the very beginning, getting on snow and skis not long after learning to walk. After my family moved into the valley I still managed to ski almost every single day. Skiing has grown into an unwavering passion for me and it is with that passion that I have been able to pursue my dreams of becoming professional skier.

Ski Pass

In my younger years, I was involved with ski school and went on to help create the first Alta Freeride Division (AFD). The program recruited young rippers who were looking to improve their skills in big mountain terrain. As the program grew, it was able to merge with the Snowbird Freeride Team. This opportunity allowed AFD members to be able to start competing in the Junior Freeskiing World Tour. Over my years with AFD, my highlights included winning 1st place, three years in a row at Snowbird. Once I was old enough to compete in the adult division, I made my way down to South America, where I competed in two Chile stops. At my first stop, I was awarded the Sick Bird which helped give me the opportunity to compete in the Red Bull Cold Rush two years in a row. In 2011, our team won the Eye Of The Condor, a event combining skiing with the art of filming.





I have been skiing with Salomon for over seven years. They provide me with hardware such as skis, boots and outerwear. I have worked with them in many different aspects but most prominently in their Freeski TV webisodes series. I have also helped with product design during their annual mountain collective meetings.



Smith Optics was my first sponsor at the age of 12. They have supported me since the very beginning, providing goggles, sunglasses and helmets. My more notable work with them is the Prospecting Idaho Series.



Backcountry.com is an online distributior pertaining to everything outdoors. I have worked with Backcountry.com for five years. I’ve helped provide gear reviews, contribute to blogs and participate in tech-talk gear reviews.


I N   P R I N T

In a media driven age, photography more than ever plays a key role in an athlete’s career. It is an essential tool which can be used to inspire, promote and be seen. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best in business, such as: Adam Barker, Brent Benson, Adam Clark, Lee Cohen, Grant Gunderson, Steve Lloyd, Scott Markewitz, Mike Schirf and Will Wissman.

It is important to be able to show your achievements and photography is a phenomenal medium to do so. From a young age, I taught myself how to use a camera and edit my photographs. I then post my photos online, submit them to magazines, include into blogs or are used in sponsor advertisements and gear catalogs. The more prominent places I have been published are Powder Magazine, Ski Journal, Freeskier, as well as others.

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POWDER: Sept 2013

MAGAZINE: Powder YEAR: 2013 PHOTOGRAPHER: Will Wissman Will Wissman bagged this two page spread (opening shot of the image gallery) in the first issue of the 2013-14 season. The photo was taken on my second decent of a spine zone called, “The Three Amigos” in Haines, Alaska. It was a nasty 2-3k face that was […]

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MAGAZINE: Freeskier YEAR: 2012 PHOTOGRAPHER: Grant Gunderson A quick interview with Freeskier Magazine talking about filming, South America, Dubsatch Collective, Utah and more.

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SLUG: 2011

MAGAZINE: SLUG YEAR: 2011 PHOTOGRAPHER: Juan Luis A cool write up in the Salt Lake UnderGround magazine about the Dubsatch Collective crew competing in a video contest held in La Parva, Chile.

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POWDER MAG: Dec 2010

MAGAZINE: Powder YEAR: 2010 PHOTOGRAPHER: Eric Hostetler WILD THINGS article highlighting the Snowbird Freeski team up little cottonwood. Great to be in an article with all my friends!

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SKI MAG: First Published Shot

MAGAZINE: SKI YEAR: 2005 AGE: 12 PHOTOGRAPHER: Lee Cohen I was twelve years old, skipping school on a blue bird pow day after a big storm. Lee Cohen and his son had picked me up early in the morning and we headed strait up Little Cottonwood Canyon to go take photos for a Columbia youth […]

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Sweetgrass Productions gave me the opportunity to appear in my first major ski film, Solitaire. It was a two year project that took me down to Las Lenas, Argentina, traveling into the backcountry via human powered skiing. Solitaire fuses western inspired tales of backcountry skiing with a whole new world.



In Matchstick’s, Superheroes of Stoke, we traveled to Chatter Creek, British Columbia in search of deep snow. We got exactly what we were looking for with a 6-foot snow storm. My segment consisted of above the head powder skiing and was privileged to be able to ski with Mark Abma and James Heim.


Warren Miller

In Warren Miller’s, …Like There’s No Tomorrow, I was featured in a segment about the story behind the people of Little Cottonwood Canyon. You learn about the Wasatch and the people who have made it home. Working with long times legends Ben Wheeler, Brant Moles, Carlo Travarelli and childhood friend, Sam Cohen, we skied iconic lines and classic Utah pow.

Salomon Freeski TV

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the world with the Salomon Freeski TV team. The series was founded by ski legend Mike Douglas. I have been everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to British Columbia to France’s European Alps to ski resorts in China to Termas de Chillan of South America. The goal of the series is to tell stories from around the world and inspire people to travel and take part in the adventure that is skiing.

Dubsatch Collective

Founded by myself, Sam Cohen and Nate Cahoon, Dubsatch Collective is a group of individuals who are talented and driven towards the same goals by our unique and unwavering passion for skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Born, raised or transplanted, Dubsatch Collective is truly a home grown operation that takes part in everything from filming, photography, editing, skiing, social media and publishing.



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Creativity influences all areas of my life whether that be skiing, painting, welding, drawing, photography, film or music. One of my favorite creative outlets is through painting. I often find inspiration in the little things around me. You can often find me with a guitar in hand, strumming out a tune or in my studio working on my latest art project. I learned to weld at a young age and have since put it to use in ways that involve small simple projects to larger more extravagant pieces of work. I like to find ways to make things better, or run more smoothly. I find joy in using my hands to create something new from the tiniest sliver of an idea.








I strive to create unique content that is self produced. I want the perspective to be new, fresh and specific to me and my style. I pride myself in constructing professional quality videos and images and want to continue to push myself to a higher level.


I want to become more involved in the community of Alta, as well as branch out and involve myself in other communities. I hope to be able to help out the youth by teaching them to be better skiers and provide assistance when in need to the people of Alta.


Growing up in Salt Lake City I have seen and experienced the pollution that plagues this city every winter. I want to be able to use my experience to raise awareness about climate change and how it affects the population and environment.


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

Goals are essential. They not only help you grow professionally but personally. My goals this season include establishing the freedom to create unique, self-produced content through my own perspective. I want to tell stories of unique experiences and adventures from the mountains. Creative and interesting ideas will guide the story and be combined with professional quality content. Another major goal of mine is to help in the development of products and use my creative mind to it’s fullest potential. I often find myself overflowing with ideas to make product’s better or to create something new. Additionally, I want to travel somewhere new, immerse myself in that culture, experience what others have to offer and apply it to myself and my skiing. Finally, I want to improve my use of social media. Social channels are essential in today’s world and in any athlete or brands presence.

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